Will a 226 go in diesel wd-45 chassis

Reed b

New User
Was wondering if you can bolt a 226 d-17 gas motor in a
wd-45 diesel tractor my neighbor has a diesel with no motor
and was thinking about making a pulling tractor but I think
the diesel was a 6 cylinder if Im not mistaken not a big Allis
guy so I dont know thanks
It will go in, but your diesel flywheel won't fit the G-226 engine crankshaft and the D-17 flywheel will not fit the WD45 bell housing. The radiator connections will be wrong for the gas engine. All your throttle linkages will be wrong. Not saying you can't make it work, but it will take some work.
Get yourself a 6 cylinder gas out of a combine. There were several diesels converted to 6 cyl gas engines. Although I don't remember a 45 converted to gas.
It would be easier to just find a gas wD 45. But I would look for a Diesel 301 from a combine. L2 c2 M2 190 etc. Then it would have 100 hp with a few rpm. Be legal most anywhere.
I think the wd45 flywheel from a diesel will come closer to fitting the g262 [d19&c2 motors} as they are from the Buda motor family. good luck! Newer AC motors will require lots of WORK and MONEY. If you want to go that route I have a K2 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel motor that I would sell.

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