Woods 6' rotary mower blades


I just bought a Woods 6' XT172 rotary mower at an auction. When got it home and lifted it up to sharpen the blades , I noticed that the blades had a lot free play in the up and down direction . I know they are suppose to pivot around that attachment bolt, but should there be up and down free play also? The mower runs good and cuts, but it seems quite noisy like metal hitting metal at times.
I think my Woods has shims under the clip which holds the pin, for the purpose of taking care of what you describe. Woods has, at least they used to, have a pretty good website where you can find the appropriate manual, which includes parts breakdowns/pictures.
I have a woods brush bull 72. My blades also have some play up and down. Not a lot but some. This was even after replacing the blade holder. Like I said . A little but not a lot. I used all new parts too.
Woods is a good mower. Like someone else said they have shims to take up the up and down slop. I haven't used my shims for years. When then blades start spinning, they seek their own level. Without the shims if I hit something they blades will raise. See if the blades are hitting the mower frame, may be the noise you hear. Stan
Are you running the tractor up to PTO speed? If you run it too slow the blades will flop around more. We have a Bush hog and I am quite disappointed with it. For one thing, the stump jumper should always be round, not oval. We have a lot of rocks and stumps and I had to repair the stump jumper a few years ago. More recently I put a new skirt around the back, the old one was so thin it would bend in and the blades would hit it. I put these gussets in the stump jumper to prevent it from bending so easy.
I have a 1964 Woods cadet 72, an older version of your mower. I believe the blade attachment is the same though, and Woods has the best blade mounting set up I have seen. There is a 1/2 bolt (3/4 head), that holds a lock in place that holds the sliding lock plate in place that holds the blade pivot pin. You can put shims under that lock plate to raise it up and it will hold the pin tighter to the bottom of the of the blade there by reducing the up and down movement of the blade. A couple of years ago I replaced my pins, blades, and lock pieces. But I did not add any more shims. It has had and still has an inch or two of up and down movement at the end of the blade for as long as I remember. If you hear banging, then the deck is damaged/caved in/bent into where the blade travels. Mark.

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