Yanmar 226D clutch carrier felt seals?


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I am replacing the clutch on my 1980's Deere 750 (Yanmar) tractor, which has the same clutch parts as the YM226D. When I knocked out the bushings in the throw-out earing carrier sleeve (see 20 the parts diagram), there are two felt seals that site behind the bushings (19 in the parts diagram), I have looked for the technical manual to see how the seals should be installed (with grease or other) as well as what the two holes in the carrier sleeve that are directly above the felt seals are used for. I also don’t understand why the seals would be covered by the bushings as they don’t move? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!




Groove for seal from inside


View attachment 854299
Old bushing with wear mark from felt seal
Not a lot of detailed instructions given in the 220/226 manual but it does say to "immerse" the carrier in transmission oil before installing and after installation the excess is to be wiped off.

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