YM1500 Clutch not disengaging


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I have a Yanmar YM1500. Ordered new brakes and seals to deal with the oil leaking into the brake drums, now I'm ready to tackle the clutch issue.

The clutch doesn't fully disengage. I adjusted the pedal and there is still more adjustment to go, but when I push the clutch in it just keeps kissing the flywheel so getting into gear can grind unless I just jam it in quickly. If the transmission is in first gear and the clutch is in, when I take my foot off the brake the tractor wants to inch forward.

The tractor show 297 hours which I believe. It has been garage kept all its life - you can still read the factor paper stickers on the loader cylinders and the tractor is in immaculate condition.

Am I looking at replacing the clutch? Is there a quick check or a trick that doesn't require splitting the tractor? I'm not 100% familiar with these so I'm asking for help from people who are smarter and/or at least more experienced than me.
How much "Free Travel" do you have on the clutch pedal?
It should be adjusted to 5/8".

How much "Free Travel" do you have on the clutch pedal?
It should be adjusted to 5/8".

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I have adjusted the clutch to zero free play and it still just barely engages. With the wheels off and on jack stands the higher gears still slightly grind when going into gear and the hubs won't stop turning. I can adjust the clutch a little more, but then I'm negative on my free play...
A few other things that will cause the clutch to drag:

Clutch disk may be warped.
One pressure-plate finger may be damaged and not fully releasing the pressure-plate.
Pilot bushing/bearing may be partially seized causing the pilot shaft to turn.

It may be time to separate the clutch housing from the engine. :unsure:

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