YM1500 Starts for a few seconds and then dies


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I was recently given a YM1500D from a family member. It sat for about a year. We were able to start it after bleeding the fuel lines and jumping it. Took about an hour of messing around to get it going. We put it on the trailer and brought it home. It was about an 8 minute drive, so we decided to leave it idling on the trip. Got it home and parked it and then next day it wouldn't turn over. I put a new battery in it, and it would turn over but not start. If I ran the starter for a few seconds with the decompression on, and then turned the compression on, it would start for like 3-5 seconds.

I noticed the fuel filter was filthy, so I changed that added some new fuel, and then bled the bowl and on up to the pump. Tried starting it again and no dice. I then ran the bleeding procedure up the lines from the pump up to the injectors, and still the same thing. It will not start at all, unless i run the decompression for a few seconds and then kick the compression on. And even then it only runs for a max of 5 seconds.

I'm not sure where to go next, looking for some guidance. I was thinking I should pull the injectors and check/clean them. Fuel seems to spurt ok when I'm bleeding the lines at the injectors, so i think the fuel is getting there.

When it does run for a few seconds it's pretty smoky. I've tried pulling the air filter off, just to make sure it's getting air as well. It does the same thing with or without the filter cover on.

Appreciate any input you all might have.

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