AGCO/Valtra/BM Volvo - T800 pros and cons?


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To all the experienced old timers out there with vast knowledge,

I seen an ad about buying a Volvo 800 online. Its a good price and says it has about 106 engine hp so probably about 80 drawbar hp. Its the same engine as the 810 and 814 with the 5.1L or 5.5L, without a turbo. What's the big difference between those later two models? Whole different driveline? Wondering if I can safely put new head studs and a head gasket/turbo kit on it to make it similar to a T810 and T814 hp, cause its an identical chassis.

Also since its a Swedish product is it hard to get parts for? or is any AGCO dealer have them?

As well, has anyone used these tractors in their hay day? Wondering if its a bad investment or not. any extra info on it would be appreciated. I looked on this forum and Agtalk and there isn't much on them.
I'm not biased for the color. I usually stay away from green because of the novelty pricing.

I don't have direct info on Volvos other than their generally good reputation. Turboed engines are rarely the same internally as NA engines of the same basic design. The use of different pistons, oil cooling jets under the pistons, and the idea of putting that into it would be an investment in uncertainty. Others may chime in. Jim
Gotcha. thanks for the reply! its sold now but I'm definitely interested in the next one since they are a CCIL I think. So keep er stock lol.

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