Case 850b won't move cold


Howdy guys, I'm new to owning heavy equipment, I bought this 850B to access junk scattered throughout the new homestead. It's worked well so far, One problem I've had is in below freezing weather, it doesn't move. It doesn't feel like drive is engaging. I don't think the tracks are frozen, I try to clean them out when I'm done. The machine doesn't feel like it's straining.
Old girl hasn't seen much in the way of maintenance from the looks of it. Transmission fluid, which shamefully I just checked yesterday, is low, barely touches stick. I
did buy a pressure washer last week, because of how much was packed in behind the sprockets. I've got it pretty clean now.
My theory is there's water in the trans oil that is freezing up and blocking control passage somewhere. Every time it fails to move I can come back once it warms up outside and it operates normally. Trans pressure gauge is in the green.
Obviously my next step is to service the trans, new pressure filter, clean suction screen, renew fluid. Where do you guys buy stuff like filters and fluid. Would Tractor Supply have a usable filter? Or is there a good mail order supply you all favor? Any other thoughts or advice welcome.
Local NAPA had a filter and Runnings had fluid. I found a lot a piece of what looks like a rubber lip seal as well as more some disintegrated rubber in the trash,. That leads to a new theory, a clutch piston seal deteriorating , and not sealing cold. It's all back together and running. We won't see more freezing weather for 36 hours, so we'll see.

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