Claas Dominator 106 electrical problems


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Anyone familiar with the electrical system of a Dominator 106 (or the MF version)? I shut it down in the yard a couple days ago to replace a blown hydraulic hose. Now, I have no power to the key. Good battery, good connections at the battery... nothing beyond that. I have to tip the cab forward just to get to the starter. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.
I only see 2 wires running into the steering column, 1 red, 1 black. In theory, could these be cut and touched together to get it to crank over?
Pretty sure there should be more than just two wires running to the key switch? Do you have no power anywhere, no lights, no ignition?
I have an 8460 (108) so my battery is down under the toolbox, but I think yours is up on right side of the cab? There should be a power stud or feed into the cab and a main relay? Any power at the alternator?
Yes, the battery is next to the cab, on the right.
Have power to some lights, but those were rewired by the previous owner with their own wire from the battery to a switch.
Only 2 wires I can see going into the column from below... but I agree that there have to be more.
I NEEDED to get it going, so I bared a small spot on those two wires and jumped across them... and it cranked and started. By the time I got the head back on and put it in the shed, the dash lights were working, so I'm thinking there's a loose connection or the key switch is dying.
Looks like you have some electrical trouble shooting to do, but at least you got it started and moved, and its likely nothing major.

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