one row cultivator


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this one row cultivator came with the tractor,I never used it until today, I planted some squash and pumpkins 48 in apart gave it a try, I did not too bad with it, It might sound strange,but I did better lining up center of the hood with the row and mostly looking foward,only looking back ocasionally, On the right is some cukecumbers,on the left the plants are small yet


Anything beats a hoe. I've got a similar cultivator for my JD 318 garden tractor. Only problem with that set up was I have to take of the mower to use it.
I use a four row and I don't look back either. If I do I end up with cultivator blight. Once I learned to keep looking forward I started doing a lot better job. did way better than me the 1st time. I took out 1/4 of the rows,here and there.
Had a Pittsburg with sweeps and never had a problem,but this new cultivator like yours, took a lot of trial and error and now Im leary
We had that same set up on our market garden in South Taylor B.C Canada even the 9n tractor was blue and white. That implement bar is hard to come by, it will accept those cultivators, potato hillers etc. My Dad even rigged up a field cydresser for it with a funnel and pipe so one of us kids could ride on the wooden platform on skids as we kept the funnel filled with fertilizer. For planting potatoes we still stood on the platform, a metal shoe for digging on front and drag harrow behind. A single chain wrapped around the rear wheel every foot apart to show when to drop the next potato in. Oh good times:( Not!

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