Rust Reformer

Specifically, Rustoleum’s product, instructions state that after it dries, it can be “painted”. It doesn’t say ”primed”. I would think it would need to be primed like you normally do. Would there be any reason not to apply primer? Using it on wheel weights.
Since posting I learned there are actually two products with the same name. One is a liquid. Another is aerosol. I used the liquid. It is very much like a naval jelly; smells just like it and leaves a white residue. The aerosol, which I have not used appears to be a primer that just seals over the rust to keep it from rusting more. A review on Amazon was helpful to understanding the two different but same name products.
In both cases, they say they leave a black, paintable surface. So the question I have about the liquid still remains.
Reading the instructions on the only size I could find the 8 oz brush on it appears to be the same product and is a primer. It does call for a good deal of stirring. It also has a 3 day cure time and that’s at 60 degrees just a heads up if you are doing an oil based paint. You don’t have to paint it they say if you like the finished color and I know we did that on an auger we didn’t care about and it looked ok with the sprayable kind but if you do use an oil based paint so your tractor enamels not too far away from where this sitting will be good. It also says if you are going to use a water based paint you must use the reformer. Cure. Then a solvent based primer that also bonds to your paint. Then the paint. I have my doubts as to if anyone who is going to grab the rust reformer would ever grab a water based paint at least intentionally for something that’s Rusting away but they say it can be done.
Whenever I’ve used naval jelly and rinsed it off per instructions the metal (usually sheet metal) immediately gets discolored to what looks like the color of iced tea. Makes me think; flash rust. One of the regulars on this forum has said you don’t have to rinse off the white residue

I think with this Rust Reformer I will scotch rite off the white residue and prime it.

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