Shiny New Kubota Forum??

Very nice!! Welcome to the new crowd!!

Afraid I don't know much about them other than what has been posted on this site & elsewhere. I do know several very happy owners.

There is a Kub dealer not that far from here that used to be IH/CaseIH. It is claimed there that the Kubotas sell as well as the IH tractors did a very long time ago ('50s - '60s). So, they must be doing something right.

Seems they've been around for a while, too. Anyone here have one of these??

Will this forum also cover scales & the other products produced by Kubota?


They out sell everyone else around here for the small and midsized tractors. I have a BX23s That's the compact tractor with a loader, backhoe and 60" belly mower. It all switches around easily. Loader and backhoe can be removed and mower installed in 15-20 minutes. The engines are second to none, used in many none Kubota applications,

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