Spark plug.

Napa, Autozone, Farm & Fleet, etc will have Application charts along with the spark plugs to look up which one you need.
I don’t know what number plugs they are offhand, but when I bought some plugs (not yet installed on targeted tractor project) a few years ago, the ones I got from Korves were different than what had been used in either of my 77s. Reason they recommended them was because of the difference in the gas we use today. Don’t know if that helps but it is a consideration.
i don't know how true it is, but advice I was given is to run with AC Delco, I was told they burn hotter
number for number aka heat range will all run the same, AC are good plugs, NGK are even better but more money, unless you going for all out performance like pulling, the AC plugs will be great, NGK stand up to performance setups better, and they are all I will run in small engines, they are hard on plugs. I work at carquest and I will not sell a customer anything but NGK for small engines unless we just flat out cna't get them in timely fashion

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