Tractor Safety - Loader & Backhoe Operation

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Tractor Operator Safety - Loader & Backhoe Operation

Loader Operation

  • Do not transport anyone in the loader bucket.
  • Always carry the loader bucket low for maximum stability and visibility, whether the bucket is loaded or empty.
  • Always use the recommended amount of counterweighting to ensure good stability.
  • Be careful when handling large objects such as round bales, logs, poles, etc. Lifting too high or rolling bucket too far back could result in these objects rolling or sliding rearward down the loader arms onto the operator.
  • Never allow anyone to get under the loader bucket or reach through the lift arms when the bucket is raised unless the lift arms are properly supported.
  • Exercise caution when operating the loader with a raised loaded bucket or fork.

Backhoe Operation

  • Never allow anyone to get under the backhoe bucket when the bucket is raised.
  • To prevent upsets, avoid full reach and swinging the backhoe bucket to the downhill side when operating on a slope.
  • Watch out for overhead and underground high-voltage electrical lines when operating the backhoe.
  • Do not enter the platform from the rear.
  • Always attach the backhoe transport chains or other locking devices before transporting.
  • Always place all transmission controls in neutral before operating backhoe.

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