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Photo contributed by Paul Shuler.

In 1948 the first Farmall C tractor rolled out of the factory and into the farmer's field. A follow-on to the Model B, it was slightly larger in size but kept the same 113 CID engine and 4-speed transmission. Other upgrades included adjustable rear tire spacing (with sliding hubs), a frame design similar to the larger Farmall Models H and M, and International Harvester's new "Touch Control" system which allowed the operator to lower and raise implements by touching one small lever. The tractor was very versatile and was used primarily on smaller farms or for small jobs on large farms.

The Farmall C was produced from 1948 to 1951, when it was replaced by the "Super C". Approximately 79,836 Farmall C tractors were manufactured. The weight of the tractor (without water or fuel) is approximately 2,780 pounds. In early 1950, a handful of these tractors were delivered to dealers with a white paint scheme as special demonstration models.

The Farmall C Today

This tractor is still in use today on farms large and small. They can also be found in the shops of collectors and lined up in neat rows at antique tractor shows. Due in part to their usefulness and handy size, many of these tractors have been preserved and they are not considered rare at this time. An exception would be the white demonstrator models produced in 1950, which are extremely rare and very sought-after.

The Specs

Air Cleaner: Donaldson oil bath
Battery: Auto-Lite (Special)
Brakes: Two, operated by foot pedals individually or locked together
Carburetor: Zenith or Marvel-Schebler, 7/8 inch
Clutch: Rockford or Atwood, single dry disc, spring loaded
Generator: Delco-Remy (Special)
Governor: IHC, centrifugal, variable speed
Ignition: IHC, high tension magneto with auto impulse coupling
Radiator: Young, fin and flat tube
Spark Plugs: Champion 15-A, AC-85S com., Auto-Lite BT8 or Edison Z147
Starter: Delco-Remy (Special)
Engine: IHC, 3x4, 1650 RPM, 4 cylinders, vertical, valve-in-head, cast en bloc. Removable sleeves. 113.1 CID
Pulley: 8.5 x 6, 1363 RPM and 3033 FPM at normal engine speed
Speed: MPH forward 2 3/8, 3 3/4, 5, 10 1/4 and 3 reverse (on 9-36 tires)

Nebraska Tractor Test Results

TEST NO. 395

Model: Farmall C

International Harvester Co., Chicago, IL

DATE TESTED: June 7 to June 17, 1948

Under a Test C operating maximum load of 19.91 belt horsepower, the Farmall C recorded a fuel economy of 11.24 horsepower hours per gallon of gasoline. This figure sagged to 10.88 at the Test D rated load of 18.82 belt horsepower. IH equipped this tractor with their own four-cylinder I-head engine rated at 1,650 RPM and using a 3x4 inch bore and stroke. Also featured was an IH magneto and a Zenith 161X7 carburetor. During the test procedures it was necessary to remove the head and clean the combustion chamber. Since the generator and hydraulic pump were listed as special equipment, testing was done without these items. Otherwise, no repairs or adjustments were noted during some 61.5 hours of engine operating time. Tire equipment included 4.00-15 front and 9-36 inch rear rubber. Advertised speeds of 2 3/8, 3 3/4, 5, and 10 3/4 mph were featured, with second gear being chosen for Test H. At a rated drawbar load of 15.00 horsepower, Test H indicated a fuel economy of 9.47 horsepower hours per gallon, along with a pull of 1,568 pounds at 3.59 MPH and slippage of 4.41%. A maximum low-gear pull of 2,902 pounds occurred in Test g, along with a speed of 2.05 MPH and slippage of 12.89%. Tests F, G and H used 222 pounds of liquid ballast plus 560 pounds of cast iron weight on each rear wheel for a total tractor weight of 4,409 pounds.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers (From 1948 to 1951)
The serial number is located on a plate on the seat support.
Year Starting Serial Number
1948 501
1949 22624
1950 47010
1951 71880

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