1949 B value

Randy G

Son restored a 1949 B as a FFA project in 2009. Won a Blue ribbon at the 2009 Iowa state fair. He now wants to sell it. Went through engine, installed 50 pistons, crank reground, valve job, carb, mag & genny redone, all new tires etc. Has not ran for a while but often turn over showing good oil pressure. Tank is rust free, shutters work. I know it brings more if running but just have not tried to start yet. Waiting for warmer weather. What would be a good price to sell in its current condition or running in Iowa? Thanks!!

Late model with the good seat would be right around exactly 3 running. 1500 to 2000 with more likely 1500 if its that nice not running so best get it running.
I know they are not exactly identical, but if it helps, I sold a '48 B at last year's sale in respectable parade condition and fully operational. It brought $ 1,450 with a new battery and questionable tires (still holding air). That was 90 miles east of Dubuque.


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