1974 Ford 2000 Diesel sputters when warm?


New User
I'm just trying to figure out what the issue is with my 2000 diesel.It starts the first two rounds it spins, then runs like a brand new tractor.After around 15-20 minutes it starts to sputter and lose power! No smoke, blow by, or over heating ( I can hold the top or bottom hose with my hand). I've changed filters, checked for leaks and put power service and and sea foam in the fuel and no help.This started last year while mowing in heavy weeds and grass 4-5ft tall around the 6th or 7th acre.(washed the radiator out several times during).
It will finally get so bad it will barely pull itself.After it cools down to cold it runs perfect until it gets to normal temps!
Please Help!
Check fuel flow even though you changed filters did they happen to be those with the glass bottom that seals to the bottom of the filter. If so dit you put the gasket o-ring in the top groove of the filter. That will restrict fuel flow. IF it has a lift pump check it is working properly by putting the end of the line in a jug and see if it pumps good or just a trickle if a cam operated pump it should be a good srong stream each stroke if not then there are pump or supply issues. if both are good look for something plugging a line. I pulled a chunck of snot looking stuff out of a fuel line for a guy one time right at the filter base tractor ran fine after that. I doubt valve lash at this time since it started and is not working better with a new filter change. Also look for something in the tank floating over the fuel line. IF it has a sediment bowl I would dump it and see what was in it. If it has a bunch of dark looking goo it is that algea stuff and you need to treat it with a biocide for the bacteria growing. Also will need several filters or drain the tank and strain if you put back in. Use a fine strainer for it.

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