2018 Kioti tractor length


Just bought some property so needing a tractor and found oncoming up at an auction in a couple weeks. It is a 2018 KIOTI DK 5510 with the loader. I have NOTHING on this rural isolated property so nowhere to store it should I be able to buy it at the auction. My question is does anyone know how much length the front-end loader would add to the overall length of the tractor as I'm trying to find a storage facility nearby to store it until our home, garage and pole barn gets built. SADLY, with ALL this economy crisis that cannot even be started until next April due to everyone being booked up! I'm trying to find something in driving distance from the auction site and to my property and I can't even see the tractor until the morning of the auction to be able to measure how much storage building length I may need. I know, I am putting the cart before the horse BUY just want to have something in mind JUST IN CASE I get lucky.
I can share a little trick I figured out to get a pretty good idea of the dimensions of something.

First, find a picture that's as close to straight-on from the side you want to measure. In this case you'd want to measure from the side, and there are plenty of side pictures of this model tractor with a loader on google.

Second, find something in the picture of a known dimension. For example, a wheel rim. According to research the front wheel rims on these tractors are either 15" or 16" so there's your known dimension. Call it 16".

Third, get a 3x5 (or larger) card and a pencil to make a scale. Now you can do this directly on your computer monitor or print the picture out on a piece of paper. Line the edge of the card along the center of the front wheel rim and mark each edge, move the card over so the second mark is lined up with the other edge of the rim and mark again, and again, until you've marked the width of the 3x5 card and made yourself a little "ruler."

Now, measure the tractor. Figure out how many 16" units long it is, then do the calculations.

I did basically the same thing using paint. As seen below the tractor is about "10 rims" long. 160", or 13'4". I would round up to 14' just to be safe, or even 15'. The bucket can be curled forward to make the tractor a few inches shorter, or possibly removed if it is quick-attach, and tucked under the loader arms to save space.


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war dog the other poster is right it certainly is LESS than 15 ft. however comparing diffrent loader buckets I think it is just a shade over 12 ft.
Something else I thought of overnight: Have you considered a "sea can" or "conex" or "shipping container" to put on the site until your buildings can be built? The tractor will easily fit in a 20' container and be fairly theft-deterred. Once everything is built, the can will sell easily or you can use it for extra storage.
Thank you all for the replies. YES, I have thought about a Conex which was part of the reason for the question as to tractor size with the factory loader. Part of my thinking was that when compared to the cost to rent a storage building big enough for the tractor to fit, for a year, buying a Conex might be the better bang for the buck. I have a price of $80.00 per month for a 10x20 storage building which could be for close to a year. That would amount to about a grand for the entire time and I have nothing to show for it but a safe tractor. As I stated, I cannot see the tractor, but it is a 2018 with 26 hours on it and I have talked with the dealer that sold it. Come to find out it was his fathers-in-law's tractor, and he knows it well. It has only been used with the tiller on it to till his garden. This all made me feel really good about buying it at an auction AND why I would even be doing so prior to actually being ready for one.
Just get one of those car port type deals anchor and drive in under a roof and semi protected then use as a spare shed/cover for other things later easily moveable for use in a different location if need be, Light so easy to move. 20 feet would let you stand under the roof and cook on the grill while raining. Now read the tread from the other day about the Kioti issues and see if you really want one. Before you buy one.
Getting one of those car ports was also a thought as well. I did not find any KIOTI listings on this source BUT I have been studying the different utility tractors going all the way back to when I bought my first new one in 1993 which was a Massey Ferguson. Researching about that at the time offered the EXACT same things as I have found for ALL of today's tractors from doing online as well as from accrual owners. Some love them and some would not buy them which is what I found with the 1993 Massey. What I found was a dealer that was reliable to take care of the product after the sale AND the ONLY problem I had with the @#! Massey was that the injection pump failed just after the warranty ran out. The dealer came to my home an hour away loaded it up out of thew filed with the brush hog on it, took it back to their business and found a rebuilt injection pump and split the cost with me beings my tractor was only a few months out of warranty. From that point until I sold it when we moved earlier this year I never had another single problem with it other than having to replace the radiator I ran a limb through along the edge of my field. I have looked at ALL the current brands on the market today and can honestly say they ALL come with good and bad reviews AND one truly doesn't know where they are manufactured these days. Many things come into play but the one I think is of GREAT importance is the service after the sale which is near or at the top for me. One can buy a tractor anywhere but GREAT service after it is harder to find especially when dealing with BIG dealers. Just communicated with a guy who earlier this year bought an off-brand utility tractor from a local BIG BRAND NAME dealer and now has it for sale because it has a cracked head that the dealer never told him about and can or will NOT do anything about it. The tractor is actually a boat anchor or a parts tractor as the motor for that specific year and model tractor is no longer manufactured and a head is nearly impossible to find and if found at a tractor salvage yard takes a bank loan to buy one. The ONLY consolation with this specific tractor is that the local dealer that sold this specific tractor is the brother-in-law of the guy that passed and is his estate. This is NOT the same local dealer that sold the other used off brand tractor with the bad head.

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