2606 C-221 to c301 rod bushings needed


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OK guys. Went over to the machine shop hoping my engine was done with a couple days of warm weather before the next snow.

Found out they stopped because the piston pin bushings were too short.

This is the engine that I couldn't find c221 pistons for. So I got a rebuilt crank that works for the 263, 291, and 301. Then it is bored for 301 pistons which I got. The rods for the 221 will fit all those engines. I got 1 replacement rod at Mike's that was bad.

So the machine shop tried to order standard size piston pin bushings from Reliance but they didn't have any. So they ordered the .007 oversized pin bushings, part no. S37708. Bored one rod and press fit the bushing only to find that the bushing is about .220" shorter than the rod end width which is 1.310" wide. They could center the bushing but don't think it is kosher to have too short of a bushing in there unless that is normal. The pin OD is .875.

Any ideas here? If we can find the right size bushings in standard size then I can get another rod. Guess I'll check around with some other suppliers. There is always something going screwy with this rebuild. Thanks. Please advise.

OK. Looks like Reliance has them part no. 7364913 for 40 bux for 6. IH could get them, 364913r1, for 120 bux for 6.

Not sure what went wrong, maybe they had a wrong number to start with.

Change 97. After they placed the order yesterday, Reliance called them and said they don't have those pin bushings in stock. Guess I'll have to get on the phone.
Real parts people NEVER SCREW UP , but now ah days in the wonderful world of computers and button pushers . Then ya deal with repackaging places . I prefer my way. no repacked parts from Mfg to Jobber warehouse . No not everybody can buy this way . Many years back in the good old days I got in with one of the local jobbers then another and then another in another town . . BUT as time moves on owners die off and no one takes over.and now we are down to just the one that is about 34 miles from me . I make up and order and call it in , some of the STUFF is on hand and some of the oddball stuff they get in in a day or so and when my grocery basket is full Jill calls me and i take the drive over and hand them Dead presidents and everybody is happy , No monthly billing statements no phone calls telling me i forgot to send the check , no lost checks in the mail. And NO wrong parts. I get parts from Victor, Perfect circle, TRW , Clevitt, Sealed Power and others .

Thanks. Got them ordered from IH. Will be here Thursday for the 120 bux.
Looks like several places are out of stock including YT. Bushing was used on a bunch of IH tractors so you would expect some to be available. Two listings on ehay claim they have at least 10 in stock.
I suppose If you're going to be pressing them in they could be put in in halves so 2 pieces would fill the rod end with them loctited in and pressed a wee bit tighter into the rod they would fill the rod width and work. Not sure it is a wisest idea though.

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