3010 lost power steering


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I have a 1961 JD 3010 standard. I had a small leak in my hydraulic pump, so I changed it. Power steering valve has always had a small leak but has worked for the past 6 years I have owned it.

Just changed the hydraulic pump with the front seal bleed line. Started it up and checked for leaks. Hooked up to the hay mower and cut for 15 minutes. The tractor started bogging down as the pump was behaving like I opened the selective control valve for the remotes, then I lost power steering. The brakes worked but the remote was slow in raising the mower. I have some hydraulic fluid leaking from somewhere in the front but looking in all the holes, the pump surface appears dry. I changed hydraulic fluid this spring along with a new filter and cleaned the screen.

Checked pressure at the remote and with the selector valve energized it gave 2100 psi. De-energized it returned to zero.

Cannot turn steering wheel at all now. Tractor front end off the ground. I bled pressure off right side line from steering motor to steering valve. Moved wheels to the right and steering wheel to the right. Turned steering wheel to the left slowly. The front wheels moved left but lagged behind turning of the wheel. Started tractor and steering wheel wanted to turn to the right by itself. Held steering wheel from turning and opened the bleed valve. Turned steering wheel to the right slowly and nothing came out until the last 1/2 turn of the wheel at the right stop. Closed the bleed valve. Wheels do not follow to the right. Cannot move the steering wheel and cannot move the wheels manually to the right. Shut off tractor. Cannot move the steering wheel nor move the wheels manually as the wheels are left and steering wheel is now to the right. If I crack open the right-hand steering motor line, I can manually move the wheels to the right. Once the wheels are to the right along with the steering wheel, and I tighten the hydraulic line, I can turn left and the wheels follow slowly but when I turn back right nothing happens. I did not restart tractor to do this. Any ideas?

I have all the manuals but am not very good with hydraulic systems.

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