3910 not running right

I just purchased a 3910 from a friend that has been setting in a barn for a while and flushed out all the fuel lines changed fuel filter and get it started and a couple of minutes it will die and then crank right back up fuel is squirting out the injector lines at the injector with good pressure #3 was missing and replaced the injector and still runs now but missing. Seems like the pump is good take out the bleed screw and it shoots fuel out at least two feet tractor has less than 900 hours on it. Ran good when it was parked. Changed air filters and fuel filters plenty of fuel to and from pump.What else should I try? Thanks
No fuel is coming out in the tank but I blew that line out but not the ones between the injectors I will try that. Thanks
Some pumps have a check ball fitting on the pump to return line. Check that if it has one. Fuel has to return to the tank to keep running.
I took the little screen or filter out of the inlet of the injection pump and cleaned it good and now it runs good. Thanks for the help

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