445 water pump questions


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Is it common that the upper mounting bracket for the generator bolts onto the water pump? That's the way mine is, and I didn't know if it originally came that way, or if the PO changed something.
I converted mine over to an alternator and used the same bracket. Of course, when I loosened the bolt to adjust it, it immediately began leaking coolant till I got it retightened. Just seems like a strange place to mount that bracket.

Also, I may end up replacing that water pump at some point, as it's starting to get a little noisy. The parts book I have gives a part number for the pump. The two places I have checked (this site and Steiner's) only show one water pump available for this tractor. It claims to replace several different numbers of pump, none of which match the no. shown in my parts book. Not exactly sure what to do here. Also, if I have to fasten that bracket to a brand new pump, is it going to start leaking also?

Thanks, Guys!
As to the other part of my question--does the generator/alternator bracket really bolt to the water pump, or is it just that way on my tractor?
All mount to water pump. Really nothing close to mount to unless bracket made to attach to one of 3 bolts that anchor water pump assembly. Angle to tighten
wouldn't work.
Checked pump off a 206 from combine. There is extra hole in mounting plate of mounting plate. 445 era.
If you are taking cap off to relieve pressure you have a problem waiting to happen. Is a pressurized system and cap is part of it.
I'm not running without the cap. Don't know where that comment came from.
My only reference to a leak was in reference to loosening the bolt on the water pump to adjust that bracket. It leaked at the seam due to the bolt being loose. As soon as I retightened the bolt, the leak stopped.

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