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I just brought home a 1957 Fordson Power Major diesel with backhoe and bucket. It needs some work but runs pretty good. Good enough to get it on and off the trailer. Needs head gasket to start (oil in radiator) Having issues confirming the engine number to start getting parts. Gaskets, head bolts, fluid, filters, belts, etc. Been scrolling these and other sites for info. Maybe just haven't gone far enough back. Looking at the parts section on here when I click on Power Major it only has options for 1958 to 1961...?

Block: #1481584
Trans: J17B
Rear: painted over
Bucket: Yelley 500 w/Green 2702 control
Backhoe: Case/Tenneco

Previous owner used 15W/40 oil in engine/trans and generic hydraulic fluid in rear. Said backhoe is weak. Not enough power to dig much. I'm thinking the hydraulic fluid is too thin for it. Should switch the rear to 15W/40 or 30w?

Thanks for any info
You have a very early July/August 1958 Power Major so your 1957 date is incorrect. It could, of course be a BITSA, (Bits of this Bits of that). A 1957 tractor would have the throttle down by your right leg, a Power Major has the throttle under the steering wheel.

The parts you are looking for will be the same for both a 1957 tractor and a 1958 to 1960 when Power Major production finished.

I used 20/50W in engine, transmission and rear Axle in my Major here in England. If your back hoe has a separate oil supply and pump then a hydraulic oil is OK If your power is down and the system has its own pump I would suspect that the pump is worn or has blown seals.
Thank You Sir!
I have no paperwork or registration on it. The seller advertised it as a 1957.

The throttle is at the steering wheel.

The hydraulics work off the tractors PTO and are plumbed from under the seat. No separate oil supply. The rear axle is filled with hydraulic fluid.
In that case it should e the same as you are using in the engine and gearbox. True hydraulic oil does not have the lubrication properties needed for the crown wheel and pinion and other bearings in the back end.

If you have pump problems that could be a bit of a problem, the Major/Power Major hydraulic pump was not available back in the early 1970's but the Super Major pump could be used as a replacement. The only problem with that solution is you need a right angle special fitting to allow the pressure pipe to fit to the Power Major lift.

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