90 Series case remote coupler locations??


I am working on a 2590 Case and when the tractor came in the lines running to the 6 remote couplers at the rear were a disaster of hoses running every which way, so I am replacing them with the correct steel line/hose assemblies. This tractor has 3 remote valves on it and I would like to know how the correct hose routing is as far as where each set of couplers are located at the rear of the tractor plumbing wise as the hoses coming off of the steel lines are long enough to connect to the couplers in more than one location.

The way the levers are connected to the valves now are as follows, #1 is the center valve, #2 is the rear valve and #3 is the very front valve on the remote valve stack, and I am not sure that is "factory correct".

Does #1 remote (front inside lever) connect to the very LH set of couplers and #2 (front outer lever) to the next over to the right and #3 (rear lever) to the next after that? To me this is the logical way, but for some reason I am thinking Case was kind of goofy with the way they sequenced their couplers, but I may be thinking of the older 30 of 70 series.

Hi, Case letter , 30 and 70 series have hydraulic. Connection s across from each other. I learned with them

As a child. What confusing is dual remotes, the sides are stacked.but still function across from each other.
Other manufacturer s started with vertical connection s. I explained that to people at farm auctions. Case used this style because of pump setup below and above the Pto. Hope this helps . Louie southern Wisconsin

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