Advice on changing radiator and fan shroud on 8N?


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I broke down and bought a new radiator.

My fan shroud isn't solid so the bottom would vibrate up and I'd have to smack it with something to bend it down and it would still shake all around making the fan hit while I ran the tractor.

I noticed coolant on the bottom radiator hose. Then I realized part of the bottom of the shroud had broken off while mowing last night.

The back of the radiator has had damage on it since I got it. The little vents are smashed in and the tiniest scrach can cause pin holes. So I just broke down and got a new radiator and fan shroud.

I've been doing work on it this season so I'm just leaning in and fixing stuff as I see it.

I had the damn hood off and gas drained out earlier this summer to get into steering box. I really didn't want to take the radiator off and eat up more time since I use tractor to mow.

I'll probably get hood off in preparation for the parts to come and re wire some more stuff. I re made and replaced the primary wires and will prob do all the lights while I have the hood off.


1. Any advice on changing the shroud and radiator?
2. Should I inspect anything on the fan?
Cannot comment regarding radiator and fan shroud as aftermarket radiators vary and are notorious for incompatibility with fan shrouds.

Thoroughly inspect water pump for play while hood is off and radiator is out. Very difficult to replace water pump without removing hood/radiator.

Fan will hit shroud even with OEM radiator/shroud if front axle pin/bushing badly worn.
Get rid of the shroud as you don't need one. Never even come close to overheating without one. The hood comes off pretty easy once empty with two people you can lift it off easy and set it right on the ground. order some new rubber pads for your radiator, only a couple bolts holding it on and the hoses. I generally drain the gas out overnight.
(quoted from post at 11:50:28 07/15/23) will prob do all the lights while I have the hood off.

put an automotive quick disconnect on the headlight wire if you don't already have one there.
Ran our 49 without fan shroud or thermostat for over twenty five years. After overhauling the engine in 22 I installed a new radiator and a thermostat but no fan shroud(4 blade fan anyway).The 1951 8n demon spawn I bought does not have a shroud either, although it may get a burial shroud before I am done with it.
I replaced the radiator with no major issues. I did have to use a few washers on one of the mounting bolts to get the radiator to sit straight. Truth be told the tractor is probably what is crooked. The shroud required quite a bit of cutting to get it to fit. If there is a next time I will forget the shroud.
Good morning: For what its worth, I bought a fan shroud because my radiator had places for the shroud screws. I removed grill, dog legs, few other small parts. I propped the hood up with upright boards standing on the ground. Got all done o.k. Later found out that my radiator with holes for fan shroud screws is a 8n radiator, sold to me years ago as being what I needed for my 9N. Found out the 9N did not come with fan shroud! Oh, well....
Dennis M. in W. Tenn.
tractordust ,My advice is to forget about a fan shroud.Just make sure the water pump is in good condition and the fan belt is a 5/8" with belt and a 5/8"wide pulley on the generator or alternator and the belt is tight and it must be kept tight to keep the engine cool and battery charged.
A lot of guys just eliminate the fan shroud.
They say they couldn't get the fan to stop
hitting it and rattling.
I prefer them on for better cooling and to
keep hands, etc out of the fan.
I adjust the fan and have never had one I
couldn't stop from hitting.
Get a ruler and measure from the front of the
engine somewhere to the outer tip of each
Adjust/bend the blades as needed so they are
all the same.
If it still rubs the shroud I scribe a mark
on the ends of each blade and grind about
3/32in off of them.
Make sure you dress the edges with a file
after grinding as they will be wicked sharp.
I am no purist about original. You would
agree if you saw my cobbled up tractors.
But I do like to keep the fan shrouds on
Thank, all.

I got my radiator and shroud. The radiator is.nicer than current one. The drain is different. It's a metal wing nut type valve. Arms are almost too long. You open it and it opens two holes on either side of it.

The shroud is wonky. There's spaces on left and right side and holes don't line up entirely. I'm sure if I lay it down and really look at it I'll get it.

The radiator didn't come with info on bolt sizes. So I'll have to get that figured out.

The radiator cap is printed wrong. On if off and off is on.

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