Air compressor motor

I need a new motor for my air compressor. Auction coming up has 2 to choose from. 1 is an induction motor and other is a farm duty motor. What one do you think would be best?


What one do you think would be best?

Aren't both motors induction motors?
The blue tag is difficult to read.
Based on what I can read, the first motor uses 30
amps and the blue tag uses 23 amps. Based on the
amps and the fact the first motor uses a start
and run capacitor, I would buy the first motor.

What size motor do you need and what RPM's do you

I would ask myself, why would anyone remove a
good working motor? Are you buying someone's junk

I wouldn't pay more than the scrap price for
either motor without seeing them working.
None of the above.

Both motors appear to be 1750RPM motors. Compressors typically have 3450/3600RPM compressor-duty motors. Check your old motor to be sure.

You'll die of old age waiting for the compressor to pump up with a slow motor.
Either should work assuming your old one is the same frame number, 184. That assures it will fit the bolt pattern, shaft size and height with no 'adjustments'.

Most 5hp quality compressors will have a slower speed motor which keeps the noise down.

Given a choice I'll almost always go with the Baldor brand, proven quality.

Since they are both used, it's anybody's guess as to whether they are runners or fixers.
usually a two stage compressor has a 1750 motor , the signal stage compressor has a 3450 Motor . I thought my revamped home brew compressor needed a new motor SOO i bought one off AMAZON and had to make changes to install . once installed that one did not work , I am NOT the best when it comes to Household wiring and electric stuff . After talking to a friend and him walking me thru it all it came down to the pressure switch . One side had burnt out .
I owned a tire shop for 22 years. Don't
waste your money on those. Order 1 that
is air Compressor rated. There is a

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