Allis B again! haha

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I am still trying to figure out this Allis B. It is a crank start and I was just wondering how hard is it suppose to be to crank over. One second I can crank right over and the next I am struggling to get it to the crank to turn. What could be this problem? I just had the carb rebuilt and the magneto is in time and getting a hot blue spark.

It is rather easy i think. It is not steady, it will get harder as one of the cylenders nears top dead center, when it turns over on that cylender it will be easier to crank until the next cylender nears TDC.

I hope you know how the proper way to crank the tractor
Set the parking brake

triple check to make sure its in nuetral

use the clutch pedal lock thing to keep the clutch pedal in the same position as if you were stepping on it. This only works if your tractor has it.

Advance the throttle a few notches

set the choke

open the sediment bowl valve-screw thingy

check again to make sure its in neutral

set the crank and very slowly turn it until it is at the bottom (6 o' clock position).

Make sure your thumb is next to your first finger NEVER WRAPPED AROUND THE CRANK!!!

cup your hand as described under the crank.

pull the crank up until it gets hard

yank it hard

repeat the last 5 steps until it starts, adjusting the choke as needed, and remember to never wrap your thumb around the crank, and to always pull up, NEVER push down on the crank
or drag it around the driveway with a pickup truck and let out the clutch. i have also parked at the top of the hill and started as i rolled down.
Yeah, thats a nice way to bet your arm broke.

If you click on articles to the left of this page, there is a whole article on cranking a tractor. Worth reading i thought.

Good luck with it
Thanks for the tips! I was totally doing it wrong. The guy who showed me must not read yesterdays tractors! He has over 60 tractors so I think he would know.

Also is a good way to break your jaw as you are pushing down your head is also going in that direction then when it kicks back the crank will get you in the face.
I always start mine at a position of 9 not 6 as stated. i pull it over to 3 and if it dosn't start it's back to 9 for another turn. It does state in the manuel to set the cluch stop to disengage the cluch when starting by hand. Takes some of the work out of cranking and also if somehow God forbid you have it still in gear "should" keep it from getting you. Good luck.

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