Allis-Chalmers WD45 Trip bucket

Mark Wells

New User
What a fantastic site! I've gone back and read to 1998 about installing a trip bucket loader to my brand new (to me) WD45. I bought a trip bucket loader and took lots of pictures when I removed it from a WD. I have the loader on and still dont have the hydraulics working. It was working on the WD. I thought I could attach it to the auxillary ram (under the seat)and it would work. It came with an extra tank. Heres what I did: Hooked hose from auxillary ram to extra hydraulic tank for loader. Out of tank to tee that serves the two loader cylinders. Thanks in advance, sorry to be so stupid.
The auxilliary tank is your downfall if the hydraulics on your tractor are working. By plumbing through the tank you have to build pressure in the tank to get the loader to work. I can see that as a dangerous situation.

Skip the tank and make sure you have plenty of oil in the hydraulic reservoir and you should be good to go.
John that makes so much sense! Thanks very much! I will do that and let you know. The hydraulics work fine. Thanks again
I miss read your post. Mine goes to the remote cylinder too. Have thought about changing it to a front mount pump with reserve so i can use cylinder on my front bucket.
I plumbed from the remote coupler directly into the tee for the loader rams and guess what? Now the regular arms dont work at all. I filled top resoivor full of oil. Any ideas?

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