Auction results Monroe WI


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It was a beautiful day, much too warm for April in Wisconsin. The auctioneer was not the best prepared, and several items were misrepresented. No effort was made to get anything ready to sell. Most of the tractors were sold nonrunning and unused in the past 15 years. First tractor was claimed to be a 4000 based on the side panel but was clearly an early 4020. I have a hard time following the final bids, so these may be off a little.

Pics here -

Early 4020 WF single remote - 8500
4320 triple remotes- $16,000
4010 NF claimed to pull start, not running at sale time- $9500
Early 4020 PS NF guy who bought it told me he got it running with minimal effort and drove it on his trailer- $8800
Early 4020 PS NF DL $9200
4430 $13500
4850 MFWD 36500
8640 $14000
8970 with silage blade $50000
Bill: Do you remember what the JD 100 Big Square Baler sold for , Thanks...

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