Belt size between 3/8 and 1/2

Aaron Ford

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I have a belt used in a friction drive that measures to a 3/8 by 20 inch long. I purchased that belt only to find that it worked as well as the one I took off. So thinking that the belt had worn to those specs, I tried a 1/2 inch x 20 belt. Now the thing drives all the time. Is there a size between that I missed? It is on a Yazoo S22CB4 mower but as I cannot cross reference the part number, this is a bit of a moot point. Any belt specialists?

"S..CB" stands for "special custom belt."

Seriously, though, can you adjust the tensioner to apply more force to the belt? Are the pulleys all glazed up?
Not a specialist but Automotive belts come in 25/64. 36 degree angle.

Also 13/32 40 degree.

Info from gates catalog
Pulleys are not glazed that I can tell... I made some adjustment by removing the tapped 5/16s and replacing with nutted 1/4s. The 1/8th of an inch gave me a little operation but it will never truly disconnect with the 1/2 inch belt.

Your problem is simple and easy to fix. The problem is your using an automotive belt on a piece of lawn equipment. You need ya it will cost you more but a true lawn mower type belt which by the way is sized in a different way then the automotive belts are. Learned that years ago and if you want to right belt you go to a lawn mower shop

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