Cadet Trooper


Would you mind sharing some stories that stand out in the time of selling AC tractors ????You sold them in the good years I take it; 180,s 190,s + 7000 series tractors, Seems like they were all over Central Mo.
Well Doug we weren"t quite as populated with AC"s as central Missouri I know my business partner and I used to go National meetings and visit with dealers out there and wish we had the numbers that those guys did.
Actually the best one comes to mind was the very first tractor we sold just happen to be a new 185 with loader to a vetenairian a nice fellow that let"s just say used things to the max for example he came in one day and needed a new rockshaft housing for his D15 turns out he was carrying a 1500# round bale on the loader and one on his 3pt looked like a giant Q-tip when he crossed the creek snapped the lift off the back! I suggested he needs to trade his 15 for a 185 and he said I can"t get rid of my baby but he did buy the 185 outright anyway my business partner was beside himself to the point he spent a whole day detailing the tractor and loader took pictures and did the ceremony with the keys and everything, as the delivery truck pulled out of the drive he said I bet he"ll appreciate that girl and I turned and said Jim, you have no idea a few months later I was taking Jim around to some of our customers and stopped at the vets place first went to the feedlot and there was the new 185 covered in manure splatter and the air cleaner stack was bent back, Jim said you didn"t tell me he had another 185 and I said he doesn"t that"s the one she"s just in work clothes. I don"t think Jim ever recovered from that I just told him they don"t make money sitting in the barn get over it. He still brings that up today.
Thanks for the Kudos guys I've got a ton of experiences from a business that I loved dearly too bad the times got tough but I guess that's what made it a great time because we were all in it together scratching to make a living made it bearable.
Did you ever do any field demos? The dealer I used to work at back in the early 90's started in 1951. Those older mechanics had a lot of stories of demoing tractors against competitive makes. Pulled the drawbar in two on a D19 diesel once. Other than that they claimed they were never out performed in the field. They quit demoing head to head in the late 60's and did more of the tillage demos at big ag shows. The sure had stories about the WD45 and 190XT.

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