E1A Gas (Petrol) Head Gasket


Probably a question for Majorman, but if anyone else has an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know if there's a source for head gaskets for new majors with the gas engines? I understand the 200 CID engines were also used in Australian trucks? Does anyone know what models in particular? (it might help with sourcing).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
The bores are a different size in the petrol engine, I am lucky as my petrol/kerosene has the same size bores as the diesel so they use the same head gasket. You may find a diesel one will fit yours as the block is the same for all the engines but the petrol has thicker liners.

Might be an idea to try a vintage truck web site or parts supplier. the same enhine was used in the Ford Thames ET6 and early Thames Traders.

Checked my original ford parts list for you. For tractors made from start up to 57/4 gasket E1ADDN-6051-C is specified for P D and V. That means for this age you can use the readily available diesel gasket.

For later petrol engines you need gasket with part no. E7-CA-9. Dont know where to find it unfortunately.


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