Farmall Super A

not knowing what you got for tools
Use a lathe , very fine Emory , then silchrome .
if you want a drill ,high speed ,mount cotton wheel jewelers rouge On the fiber wheel
pedistal grinder .with cotton finder polishing wheel jewewler rouge
lathe with number 45 to 6 diamond paste mix with olive oil , soft wooden pad ( pop sickle stick )for mirror finish .
The best way is to buy a muffler for it! That obviously is my personal opinion. I grew up on a farm where we used these tractors for actual farm work. It was not uncommon to spend a 4, 8 or 10 hour stretch on one under anywhere from 1/2 to full load. When you are used to the muffled note and NOT the sharp, bellowing cackle of an unmuffled engine you tend to lean away from straight pipes. Even when a better muffler got replaced with a farm store cheapy it was irritating. I am guessing there are many tips on polishing stainless on the inter-web. Depending on the type of stainless you use it may be difficult to keep it from blueing when running the tractor hard.
Edit: After reading Jim’s reply I also have hearing loss. I cannot blame it on running a tractor with a straight pipe, all our tractors had mufflers. A lot of my hearing loss came from just general operation of farm equipment on open station tractors. We had a 656 gasser that had a noisy aftermarket cab on it. The natural gear whine of that tractor along with the hydraulic whine is what I blame a lot of my hearing loss on. We did take the cab off later but there was still a lot of rear end noise being amplified by the fenders on the axles. The cab did shield you from the noise of the exhaust. I also did my fair share of mechanic work while not wearing proper hearing protection. My hearing loss problems also came partly through heredity.
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Another option is a Stainless muffler. They are a little pricey, but are operationally quieter. I have hearing aids in my ears right now from an H with a straight pipe. We all want our parade and show tractors to be fine to look at. Every hearing aid person that sees a straight pipe thinks it is a $3,000 mistake, and stands far away when it is running. Jim
Using hearing protection is just second nature to me. I use protection hammering a nail. Have run 2 cyl. JD's since 12 years old, and can hear more than I want to at times. The only tractor that bothered me was an Oliver 1950 with a Detroit.....double stack ear plugs!

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