Ford 3600. 4000 hours

I assume that you're looking to possibly buy one? They are great tractors. I would expect that engine to last at least 8000 hours if it has been properly maintained. Do you have any documentation that shows that it has 4000 hours other than the hour meter? The proof meters (tach & hour meter) on those tractors were notorious for failing and needing to be replaced. It could be a replacement meter from another tractor that already had a lot of hours when it was swapped in to that tractor. It could be that 4000 hours were run on that engine, but that the engine was rebuilt at some point over the years. Unless it was owned by the same person since new and they kept all of the service records, you simply don't know what the back story is. Go on how easily it starts cold. Make sure that the exhaust manifold is cold to the touch before the seller starts it for you. If it is already warmed up , that could be a sign that it is a hard starter, which could be caused by a number of different issues. Also test how smoothly the engine runs at idle, and as you increase the throttle, and also for a few minutes at high throttle. Plus, check the other components, like the transmission, PTO and 3 point lift to make sure that they all function properly as well.
Yes I was looking at one .this is the tag . Decoding these numbers mean?


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CA263C is the model number, which means that it is a 3600 that had a diesel engine with a horizontal exhaust when it left the factory, and live 540 rpm PTO and an 8 speed transmission.

C562549 is the serial number, which is a serial number for a tractor assembled in early 1978 at the US assembly plant

8A16B is the Unit Number, which is a code for the date that it left the assembly line, which was January 16, 1978 during the day shift

The other numbers are codes for the assembly dates of the major components:

Engine - Looks like 7L25A, but I can't be sure, which would be November 25, 1977, midnight shift
Transmission - Looks like 7M09B, but again I can't be sure, which would be December 9, 1977 day shift
Rear Axle - Looks like 7L17B, but again I can't be sure, which would be November 17 1977 day shift
Hydraulic Pump - Looks like 7M07B, but again I can't be sure, which would be December 7, 1977 day shift
Hydraulic Lift -Looks like 7M05B, but again I can't be sure, which would be December 5, 1977 day shift

A better picture or perhaps a pencil rubbing on paper might show those other numbers with more clarity, but it appears to be a 3600 with a diesel engine, horizontal exhaust, live 540 rpm PTO and an 8 speed transmission that left the assembly line from the US plant on January 16, 1978 during the day shift. The major sub-assemblies were all assembled within 1 to 2 months earlier.
Sorry, my memory is getting worse with age. I just looked things up to be sure, and the 6 in the 4th spot of the model number is a gas engine with a horizontal exhaust, not a diesel.
Ford 3600 with 4000 hours with working text is that alot on a gas 3 cylinder.Are they a good tractor?
Of all the tractors you have asked about here lately this is the one I would buy.
The 3 cylinder Fords are heavier built, have greater longevity, are more likely to have desirable options and IMO, are easier to work on. 4K hours is nothing for one of them.

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