Ford 4830 no start

Ran fine, shut it down after loading a load of hay. Came back a couple days later and no crank. Battery is hot hot, have jiggled the pto safety switch and the gear shift levers and nothing. Couldnt fully see the fuse panel but couldnt find anything blown in it. It appears the starter solenoid is ontop of the starter, which puts it directly behind the sediment bowl and fuel filter, so crossing over the starter is a no go. Any suggestions on where to start? No click, grinding, spinning, or other noises, just nothing when turn the key. Dash lights do go off when turn the ignition key. Thanks

Depending on the year model it may have a start relay in the fuse box
My neighbors 5030 had a bad connection on the start fuse, pulled it out to check it, cleaned the blades and after reinstalling it the tractor fired up
30 series tractors all use a relay in the fuse box as far as I know... Generally on the 30's you'll find an open in the control circuits. I'd find the wires that come from the key that goes down to the transmission switch and on to the PTO switch. One of them will likely be open and will thus prevent the starter relay powering up.
If you find the starter relay you can pull that out and make a jumper wire to stick in the sockets of the 30 and 87 pins as 30 should be hot and 87 should go to the starter solenoid.
You should have power to the 85 terminal when you turn the key to crank and ground on the 86 terminal.
Just make sure the transmission is in neutral if you try to jump it!


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