Ford 600 fuel shutoff valve

Dr. Bert

A young friend came to me about a leaking fuel shut off valve on his 600. He stated that it does not leak with the valve shut off, but leaks when the gas is turned on. Question-- is there an O ring he can replace by screwing out the shutoff shaft (with the screwdriver slot) or must he replace the whole valve assembly? His tractor is an ex-military unit with a front end loader attached, so getting at the valve is a problem and the loader would have to be removed to remove the hood to get to and remove the tank. Thanks for any information you can provide. Dr. Bert
Yes there is an o-ring. To replace the o-ring you must remove a retainer pin which prevents the cut-off screw from coming out when you turn the fuel all the way open. This pin can be difficult to remove but can sometime be done on the tractor. Try driving a knife blade between the head of the pin and the body of the valve or try a thin gasket scraper instead of the knife. If the head of the pin breaks off you must remove the valve to remove the pin.

When you have removed the screw, replace the o-ring on the screw with one of the correct size--BUT the o-ring must be made of a material that is compatible with GASOLINE. Most o-rings are not compatible with gas and will only last a few days.
I bought a new replacement valve and it wouldn't shut off.
I would recommend trying to replace the seal if he can.
The electric ones look nice too. Pricey, so I didn't buy one.
I fixed my old one and put it back on.

With these Fords, I would not leave the gas turned on.
They will fill the engine with gas if the needle valve in the
carb gets a piece of dirt in it and doesn't seal properly.
Royse: Thank you. Told the young fellow the options you all have offered. He has decided to try to repair the old one so he can shut things down when not operating.

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