Gleaners with 250 Chevy Engines


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Was wondering if anyone knows what model Gleaners used 250 cubic inch Chevrolet engines and about what years they were used? A friend wants to put a 250 or 292 into a Allis Chalmers WC tractor and he was told that there is an adapter plate on the combines that mates the engine to an Allis transmission. I grew up riding a John Deere 12-A with a sacker platform and later we had a John Deere 30, so I am not at all familiar with self propelled combines. Thanks

While he's at it, Chevy used the same bellhousing pattern for everything,if a 250 will bolt up, try a 454!
I have a K2 with a 250 in it and it has a bellhousing on it that appears to use the typical GM bolt pattern. The bellhousing holds the drive shaft for the
pulley that transfers power through belts to the traction drive, which eventually ends up at a Rockwell 3-speed transmission. I see no reason why there would
be an adapter plate. Now if he can find a Gleaner CII there's a 6-cylinder A-C 262 gas in there that might work.

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