Good video showing the NEW Fendt Ideal combine

JD Seller

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This is real good video explaining what the Ideal combine is. The rotor design caught my attention. The front of it looks more like the cylinder in conventional combines. That could be a huge deal in small grains. The segmented rotors sometimes have trouble with hard separating/hulling grain heads. Also they are claiming less straw damage. I also wonder if you get a better ear roll in corn? Meaning does the ear roll around the concave while shelling like the old corn shellers did? If they do that can mean a much more gentle shelling action. remember the old hand crank shellers?? On the flip side can that long concave bar type rotor handle green stem soybeans??? That is where the segment style rotors really shine. They can tear those long green soybean stems apart so you do not get roping. Anyone remember the original IH rotors and how soybeans stems would rope terrible when they were tough???

I also like the twin rotor design. I always though the New Holland machine did a great job at the rotors. They just needed to focus on the rest of the machine and the headers.

Fendt Ideal combine:
Fendt Ideal combine.

I kind of look at the Fendt Ideal as whoop-de-doo. The concept has been around forever. The Versatile Transaxial combine of the 80s used it. The JD CTS series of the 90s and early 2000s and the current Lexion combines also have two rotors with a cylinder in front of it.

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