Headlight question

Those Ford guys must really tuck and hide. If you have
a Ford specific question like this you should post it on
the 9N, 2N, 8N topic section and they will be all over
you drooling with an answer. I believe you want a 4019
if it is 5 5/8 inches in diameter, assuming you are
keeping it 6 volts which that is what I see in your other
posts. That may not be the NAPA number but they can
cross to it.
Myself I would phone Napa and ask them , fast and easy
and probably more accurate as they are the parts men.
You are asking a question there is no answer for as any headlight on that
tractor can be any of a dozen different lights as the lights were not
standard on tractor when new and whoever owned the tractor just used what he
could find and buy. Just take an old bulb with you and let them match it up.
A lot could be hardware store lights,
The INDUSTRY STANDARD Part Numbers for Sealed Beam Headlights are:

6-VOLT = #4019

12-VOLT = #4419


6-VOLT = #63

12-VOLT = #67


6-VOLT = #4511

12=VOLT = #4411

NOTE: The first early FORD 9N used in 1939 were the large CM HALL truck-style headlights but sealed beams were not yet invented. These lamps used a plug-in bulb, p/n
9N-13007 available at nnalert.

NAPA has nothing to do with numbers. Suppliers may have their p/n's so always use the Industry Standards.

Tim Daley (MI)
Nobody is hiding. Just gotta know who to ask. Also, as usual, guesses and opinions abound, and factual data eludes some. The INDUSTRY STANDARD Sealed Beam Headlight Lamp part numbers are:

6-VOLT = 4019 (as you stated)

12-VOLT = 4419

Tim Daley (MI)
Benson Ford Research Center
Take a complete Housing with you. You could have 4 1'2 inch, 15 inch or 7 inch unless you are adsolutly positiveo size and wire hookup May be old car lights instead of tractor lights.
As other have posted there is no one part number as there are many variations that have been installed over the years. Also if a 6-to-12-volt conversion was done the bulb may well be 12 volts not 6 volts as they would have been back it the day.

Is it a seal beam unit or an assembly with a bayonet type bulb set in a reflector with a lense over it inside the housing?

A seal beam may have a 4-digit number stenciled on the back of it. A bayonet bulb may have a number on the side of the base.

As posted, take the bulb to NAPA and they should be able to ID by voltage, type, and measurements.

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