I put in a new clutch, pressure plate and throwout. I posted here before about the pedal being very stiff and got a few responses but the problem now is the throwout assembly/shifter seems to have rotated in the fork so the clutch will not disengage. I can reach through the inspection opening and rotate the throwout back into the fork but it won"t stay.Is there a retainer or spring to hold the assembly to the fork? I cant seem to find what I need in my book. The pedal is still very stiff and I wonder if all of these are related. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Scott.
I would guess, without seeing it in person that the shifter fork is distorted/bent from the pivot pin coming out on one side of the torque tube some time or other. The bearing is pressed onto the casting and the casting has flats that fit snug in the fork. It should never jump out. Also the casting has to move without drag when the clutch is pushed down. Something is either missing or bent out of shape.
Best I can do without being there is post the drawing.

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