Hydraulic hose for Boomer 50 need part number


This hose has a crack need to replace it.
It is from a New Holland Boomer 50 year made 2012.
Hose has partial part number but some numbers missing.
Hose goes from steering pump to hydraulic reservoir on left side tractor (driver is seated on tractor).
I am a 70 year young lady could use help finding the part
Thank you


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I found the part number
It is MT40007857.
Part is expensive $86.92
Messick's is $84.46
Know anywhere where I can get it cheaper.
Take it to a local parts store like NAPA or a Hydraulic shop that makes hoses. They may be able to duplicate it and give you an estimate of cost for them to do it. It is not going to be a $20 hose.

Is it actually leaking or just the outer rubber has cracked? The outer cover can have breaks and go a long time. There is at least one layer of reinforcing wire (I expect two layers) containing the inner liner which actually carries the oil.
I talked to Bolin asked if they could use the existing fittings on old hose. They said if they where good they would.
Those appear to be common style fittings. It will be good if they can use the fittings, but Don't be surprised if they can't reuse the hose ends, due to differences between manufacturers.

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