I regret telling a friend I would replace the drive belt


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A friend has a JD riding mower, LA 255 that needed a drive belt.

No listing for LA 255 on Amazon. The JD place in town wants $30 for the V pulley in the picture.

The idler pulleys used on this mower use metric bolts. All the pulleys pairs, one V and one Flat, I've ordered from
Amazon use 3/8 bolts.

I had to cut off the metric bolts only to find out the V idler pulley needs to be 3 inch diameter. The idler pulley sets listed on Amazon are all 3.5 inches. Grrrrrr

So, I ordered two 3 inch metal pulleys. One V and one Flat pulley. Metal pulleys should last a lifetime. Look at the flat pulley in the pic, you can see a hole in the plastic. Both pulleys need replaced.

Usually you bend a mower blade, not bend the mower deck. Somehow this deck was bent. I used a big hammer and washers to get the one spindle level again.

I wish I had said NO when he asked me to fix his mower! The underside of the mower needs a good cleaning. Crap falling in my face.

The idler arm was rusted in place too.

This is my last drive belt.
Could be he's going by the labels
instead of the tag above the rear
wheel. My daughter has an LA 105
according to the labels. The tag
with the model and serial numbers
says it's a 125 and some of the
parts aren't interchangeable.

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