Ice Cream Machine

Hello. I am interested in making/ building a tractor driven ice cream machine.

Does anyone have pictures of a homemade one or pictures of purchased ones? Thanks!

Clapped 2N
I've never seen a tractor powered ice cream
machine. Most festivals I've seen old very small
hp hit and miss motors that use very little gas.

Good luck.
Let us know if you build a tractor powered ice
cream machine.

My only concern is the cost of gas.
here are 3 I've seen. unfortunately it is hard to see how exactly they work. there may be a kit available since the large pully on the ice cream maker seems to be the same and the small gearbox looks similar


Here's one with some description:
This is a unit a guy in our tractor club built. He said biggest issue was gearing to get it to run slow enough off the PTO. He built an ice block crusher to run off the belt pulley, but I don't have a pic of that.


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