International power unit


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Good morning, I looked through the previously discussed threads and found similar posts and conversations but they stopped just short of what I’m trying to determine. My power unit has the c-123 casting and the international badge has “1061” on the badge and nothing else. How is the best way to determine the model? I see examples of models but hoping to figure mine. Thank you and please excuse my ignorance on the matter.
I’m not sure power unit wise but that is the same engine as my super c farmall. I’ve seen a carnival outfit that a purple painted one was running a ride or two. Are you trying to find clutch pieces? I think there would be a separate tag on that if you can find it.
I just found out it’s a BU2. I tried to post a picture on here but it won’t let me. I don’t it has a clutch unfortunately. As soon as it’s on the pulley is live. Looks quite direct drive. Unless it has a clutch based on load? As far as not engaging at low rpm?

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