JD 3020 diesel powershift


There is a '67 year model 3020 diesel powershift that has come up for sale. I'm planning to go check it out. Is there anything in particular to check over very carefully on with this series ? I have ran a good friend's late model 4020 diesel PS a bit before doing field work, but I have never owned a new generation series. Any advice is appreciated.
Hopefully it is not real cold when you go to check it out. As far as the transmission the best way would be with a field load, but that probably will not happen. Next best is drive it around 15 - 20 minutes occasionally applying a load to the engine with the brakes for 15-20 seconds to help warm up the hydraulic fluid. After it is warmed up check the fluid level for being full with the dipstick back by the PTO. If it is good get it in 1st and get it up to nearly full throttle. Then apply the brakes to what feels or sounds like a 1/2 to 3/4 field load. Then shift it through the gears trying to maintain that engine load with the brakes. The transmission should shift between all the gears without any pause or hesitation. The 6-7 shift has more clutches applying and releasing so it may have some slight hesitation during the gear change. Give the brakes a little rest and run it through the same downshift sequence. Check the reverse gears as well, this should give you a fairly good assessment of the transmission for slipping problems etc. Also when loading the engine you can look for excessive blow-by from the breather tube.
Check the PTO to see if it starts and stops with the control lever. PTO that turns all the time/will not stop can cost quite a bit of $$ to repair.
used red MN
3020 hyd oil dipstick is located at RH rear of operator footrest(see photo below) not by rear pto. I agree to check all trans speed selections after hyd oil is at operating temp. I also agree to check to be sure pto stops turning when pto control lever is disengaged

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Possibly common sense but check for oil leaks around steering column which may indicate looming steering valve issues and also do same for front hydraulic pump.

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