JD 325 Starting issue.

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I have a 325 with a kowasaki engine.I have to hit the key start several times before the
starter moter will run. I hear the solenoid click each time. The ignition module is new, the
battery is new and also the starter and solenoid. The grounds have been super cleaned. I know
I'm getting 12.6 volts to the solenoid. I think I'm not getting enough amps to the starter but
I don't know why. Thank you much for your replies.

Time to install a ''Starting Improvement Kit'', DEERE part #AM107421, basically a little ''ice cube relay'' that is triggered by the tractors starting circuit and switches greater voltage and current to the existing starter solenoid.


If you're electrically ''handy'' you can save some $$$ by gathering up the parts and making up a couple of wiring leads yourself.
Other than the John Deere starter improvement kit already mentioned, make sure the valve lash
is set correctly so the compression release can work.
This works on other brands as well. With all the safety switches that the start circuit uses, as the switches get older they tend to not conduct as well, which drops the amperage going to the starter
solenoid. This kit still uses the safety switches, but doesn't take as much amperage to energize as the solenoid, so the amperage required for the solenoid is going through the relay. This relay set up is
well worth the money and time spent to install. (You don't have to buy the JD kit. Relays and pigtail for the relay are available on amazon or ebay)
Try jumping 12v from the battery to the hot post on the starter. If this works every time the bypass kit will work. On my Kubota, I added a second solenoid (used from my 8n). Disconnect and use the activation (key switch) wire from your current solenoid to activate the new solenoid (all safety switches will still work). Run a #10 or 12 wire from the battery to one big lug on the new solenoid and another from the other big lug to the activation post on your original solenoid. My Kubota hasn't missed a start in 4+ years.

I should have said: try jumping from the + battery to the activation post on the solenoid, if this works every time, the kit or my method will work. The others are correct about the safety switches probably being the problem.

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