Marv-Scheb. carb adj.??


Fellas, I have been workin on an 53 wd45 I bought this spring(gettin all the bugs worked out)among many of the "wonderments" ive found was the carb bowl 3/8 full of gunk. It is a marv-scheb. tsx 464 anyhows after cleanin twice and flushin out with carb cleaner then blowin out with air Ive reassembled and put her back on well she is runnin alot better but not quite right. Have replaced plugs with new 303's and new sparkplug wires(copper core) also new points,dist.,cond, an rotor. The ol gal still dont seem to be runnin as smooth as she should like maybe to much fuel or somthing . I have adj the idle jet bout 1 1/4 turns and the power jet about 1 1/2 turns but she still runs a little rough, when pullin a hill or somthing that makes the gov open up she smoothes right out like she is suppose to sound but on level ground or down hill she acts like she is a little rich. Now on my other 45,s you can turn that powerjet out and you will hear the rpms increase then take the screw back in till she levels out and that seems to be bout perfect it will usually end up with it set bout 1 1/2 turns, this dang carb seems unresponsive at the power jet maybe causing a small increase in rpm at all. Do you guys think I should just try puttin a carb kit in? I didnt think the internals looked bad when I had her apart. Any other ideas?? Thanks alot Hoss
Pull the main jet needle and housing out. Be sure the gas is turned off. Spray it down real good with carb cleaner. Also pull the drain plug out of the bottom of the carb and spray carb cleaner into the carb where the main jet was. I'd bet you still have some junk clogging it up. BTDT many times. Of course if that does not work you will probably need to do a full rebuild which isn't very hard to do
Hobby farm
Old, thanks for tip, Ill give it try first thing tomorrow, an as you said if that dont do the trick Ill have to order me a rebuild kit and go from there . Thanks again. Hoss

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