Massey 1085 hydraulic filter


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Experiencing problems raising 3 pt.hitch and pto operation in freezing conditions. Worked OK in summer. Hydraulics are weak on startup but eventually build up enough pressure to raise and lower arms, operate attachments and pto operates normally. However, under load (snowblower extremes) the pto stops turning.
Drained the trans-hyd oil and recovered only 4 gallons of a required 8.5 gal.

Will filling to capacity help resolve this problem? I removed the triangular plate on the bottom looking for a screen or strainer but saw none. There doesn't seem to be an external filter for hydraulic oil. I was thinking there must be an access point for filter, screen or strainer cleaning but have no idea where to look.

Is there anyone that can provide some insight into accessing filters? presumably the hydraulic pump has a filter unit attached but it is not clear whether this can be accessed easily from the outside. I'm ordering a Service Manual but it may not show this level of detail.

Cab and dual fuel tanks make it difficult to reach all sides of the rear end.

George K

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