massey ferguson 41 connecting rod 581276m1


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Hello everyone, This is Jay. A long time reader newly registered.
I m in desperate need of help! My Massey Ferguson sickle bar 41 7 foot I purchased last year just messed up big time! After disassembling the whole thing I found that the connecting rod grease fitting is gone and so were all the needle bearings Therefore it beat itself apart and broke!
I am looking for massey ferguson 41 connecting rod 581276m1 replacement with needle bearings The large set, the small end is good.
I live on a small farm where we have about 16 acres of hay that is needing to be cut and bailed.
All my lil animals are mad at me lol
Thanks in advance -Jay

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I hate to be the one that tells you but there are FEW parts available for that mower. I've mowed my hay for many years with one but once you tear one up it's very hard to get the parts you need to fix it. There was a used one online for $250 but unknown wear. Even the Parts Depot is out. May want to post this on the Massey board, there's a guy in Canada that has found hens-teeth parts before, you may get lucky. Otherwise, you are left to scavenge for used parts and hope for the best.
That's why I got rid of a 31. It was a good mower but keeping it running was getting to be problematic. Try Nolt's in Pennsylvania 717-776-6242, sometimes they have used MF mower parts. A more serviceable mower might be in the future. New Idea 521 (also sold as International 1300 and Ford 505) mowers have excellent parts support, as do New Holland 451 mowers. But a good one isn't cheap!
Looks like Walts tractor might have a used one. 888-414-4043.
The bearing and seals are still available from Massey. 834014m1, and 834017m1
[quote="Timmycornpicker" thanks for the info. I will check with Walt and cross reference the other models.
Really good to know the other models.
Old time MF dealer might have this. I don't use the 41 much now, many years ago my local dealer had these in stock.

I've replaced the need bearing in them and the grease fittings.

Make sure the needle bearing goes in the right way so the grease fitting will work (you can block the port off if installed wrong)

You have the keep the bolt (5/8" head) tight and the needle bearing greased or they will beat apart.

I had the bolt break off before.

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Do I need only one or do they need two seals per bearing? Thinking about replacing the other side that still good also.
I might so I can keep the "still good" used one from the "not messed up" connecting rod.
Thanks to all for your help and info. -J
I have found a connecting rod to MF 31 (part #669456m1)
are those interchangeable? Will / could it work to replace my broken one on my 41? Part number 581276m1

I have located the needle bearings and seal thanks to everyone here. I m ordering them as soon as I figure what rod to buy.
Thanks again -J

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Did Vermeer or another third party manufacturer build the #41 mower for MF, or did MF build those mowers in-house?
Did they also make the MF41?
I can t help but wonder what was The mirror model number? I heard that some Ford or John Deere may work Not sure at all

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