Metal rivets found in hand clutch housing?


New User
Two years ago I took out all the shims in my hand clutch from my WD and it worked great untill last fall. The clutch did not slip any. Then one day I was just driving the tractor by itself on level ground in 3rd gear, and when I went to shift into 4th and let out on the foot clutch it just sat there. (no, the foot clutch lockout is not holding the foot clutch in). The motor is fine, but it is like it is in neutral (it freely rolls in gear) no matter if you engage the hand clutch or not. However, the PTO is working all the time.

When I took the plate off the top of the hand clutch housing, I found small pieces of metal that looked like rivets in the bottom of the hand clutch fluid.

Are there rivets that hold the plates together on the hand clutch?

Does anybody have any ideas for me?

Does anybody have a schematic of the hand clutch for a WD?


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