Need Alternative Paint over "Modified Epoxy Phenalk

Historically I have used the PPG Omni System for my Ford Tractor Restorations. For Implements I have used Sherwin Williams Duraplate 235 Multi-Purpose Epoxy - Modified Epoxy Phenalkamine 2 part paint as the primer, and used their Acrolon 218 HS as the final paint coating (Acrylic Polyurethane - Polyester Modified Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane) with no clear coat. I love the Sherwin Williams Paint, Extremely durable, Non Fading after several years of sun exposure. However the Acrolon does not offer custom colors, as I need the paint for my HD Industrial with Ford Standard Empire Blue and Ford Buff. My question is; What Non Sherwin Williams paint can I use as an alternative to the Acrolon, that is offered in custom colors. I want a paint with the same chemistry that will adhere correctly to the Duraplate primer coat. S-W has not come back to me with questions I had, so hopefully someone here who understands paint chemistry better than I can offer a solution. Thanks all, Larryl.
What color are you trying to make? The Acrolon paint comes in a lot of different colors, you may be able to intermix different colors to achieve the color you want.

I don't use very much waterborne finishes, Sherwin Williams makes a solvent coating which is along the same application purpose which can be custom tinted. It's Sher-Kem enamel.

If the tractor has epoxy primer on it which has dried more than a week I would scuff sand it or put a fresh coat of epoxy primer on it before you topcoat it with any paint.
I need the standard Ford Empire Blue, and the standard Ford Buff, which is a light yellow. S-W has not replied to my question about what colors Acrolon comes in. I want to continue to use the Duraplate as a primer and base coat. Will not start stripping and painting my new project HD Industrial until I have all the required components. I usually paint the Acrolon Safety Red on my Implements 48 hours after the Duraplate. I will try yet again to contact S-W regarding available colors. I need a gallon of the blue and 2 gallons of the buff (also used on attached backhoe and loader). If I have to start mixing to get the correct color for each, it will cost me twice as much as I usually pay for paint. Hopefully, S-W will get back to me, but I will check out the other paint you mention. Thanks, Larry.
They have a Acrolon color called blueprint SW4056 that is pretty close to Empire Blue. Just looking at it on the net the color looks a little dark so you may have to mix it with some white.

I tried to look for a sample of the buff color but google showed 4 different flavors. Maybe the color Junction Yellow SW 4034 would be a start.

I painted a Kubota tractor 14 years ago and the Kubota paint for the older tractors isn't available in the stores anymore, their current color is quite a bit darker. I ended up mixing Kubota Orange with John Deere Yellow 50/50 and it ended up being a perfect match. The only thing you have to be careful mixing paints is to carefully measure everything you mix so you can mix more batches at a later date.
Thanks for the info, I have gone ahead and ordered about 6 different paint chips from S-W, some of them are actually quite close to what I need, I just wish they could have helped me out a bit more when I asked about available colors. I think you are correct, the blueprint looks quite close to what I need. I am thinking that the cost would not be much more than I want, as I can buy just one gallon of acrolon in white, and use that to lighten up the blue and the yellow to exactly what I want. I just did not know the acrolon was available in different colors. The only problem now is that if I have left over paint, I may have to acquire an additional tractor for restoration to use up that paint. Oh, why do I do this to myself. Thanks again, Larry.
The Duraplate & Acrolon are specialty coatings used in the marine industry on tankers, wind turbines, etc. in marine environments and can be applied in freezing and even wet conditions, and is hard as nails. As far as I can tell from their charts, they come in about 100 or so set colors, but can not be made to a custom color (unlike their retail paints). My local shop here on the coast carries them in only one or two colors in store, so I will have to special order. Since S-W specialty coatings is not always easy to contact, I may be a bit wrong, but these coatings are not like the automotive paints which of course can all be digitally scanned and coded for retail customers. These S-W paints are fade and petroleum resistant aside from being hard. They are high solids paints that adhere and cover well, and are forgiving to newbie shooters. Thanks for the suggestion, but specialty coatings is a whole new universe of special order / out of stock / temporarily out of production / not in that color / etc. etc. ( But unfortunately, they are worth the extra hassle).Larry.
Paint keeps longer if the can is nearly full. If you could put something clean in the paint that raised the paint to the full level it would keep longer. You might fill a glass jar with rocks and put the lid on it and put that in the paint can.

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